Thursday, September 29, 2011

KRPA: Kiss Rich People’s Asses

Kiss Rich People’s Asses

Members of the newly organized KRPA group convened in Washington DC and announced plans to run a candidate for president.

“We need to get rid of the socialist Obama. All he’s good for is kissing Israeli ass but we stand for the unappreciated minority that is responsible for creating jobs and making America the great nation it is; rich people are what we are all about and we intend to publicly, passionately kiss their asses, in gratitude for what they do for us!”

Senators, representatives, Fox TV hosts, mainstream pundits and Ayn Rand supporters were thrilled at news of the group’s formation and plans. “At last, a clear sign that the middle class peasants of America finally understand the real nature of things” said P. Clyde Van White, chair of WASMBTYTYWUTEIWTTETTY (We Are So Much Better Than You That You Wouldn’t Understand Things Even If We Tried To Explain Them To You), the organization formed after NMLB (No Millionaire Left Behind) filed for bankruptcy.

A White House spokesperson said the KRPA group would offer no real problems to the Obama reelection campaign. “ We have far more rich people than these scruffy types could ever come up with. And ours are multicultural!


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Thanks so much for the article, pretty useful data.