Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monotheist Capitalism, Monopoly Religion,and the Mall of One God

When humans were worshippers of numerous deities we were at a materially primitive level of development. Life was such a struggle that its mystery could not be dealt with unless some explanations or rationales were created for what seemed too crazy, even at our early stages. So we created deities for just about everything; the sun, the moon, the wind, the rain, the stars, trees, insect life. You name it and we had a god for it. We  organized our lives, kinships, religions and styles of worship around these numerous deities. But then something happened that took ages to transform us into what is now called monotheism and it saw the material development of the world, or at least the western dominated part of it, such as had never been seen before.

Part of this organization of ever larger societies and their wealth under the control of ever smaller classes of ruling people can be timed with the breakdown of all those gods and their conglomeration, or really incorporation, into the one god abrahamic faith. While the descendants of the abraham-old testament scriptures have been at each others throats during the time of development, they share in the story of monopoly control of the supernatural and immaterial explanations for the mystery of life, which may have helped make  monopoly control of natural material reality more possible. Neither has been all good or all bad but at present both are a menace in their controlling form, while possibly offering some hope for humanity’s future in their idealistic essence if that essence is ever taken from the minority royal priesthood of wealth  and claimed by democratic masses.

The abrahamic triad has much to atone for, perhaps especially the jewish-christian branch .They reduced truly multi-cultural and diverse deities to a monopoly  monetary-supremacist patriarchal CEO of sun, moon, fire, water,wind and soil , the awesome mystery and majesty of the universe reduced to something with a penis.

And circumsized at that!

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