Thursday, December 15, 2011

Still More on Agents of the 1%

“Class consciousness is knowing which side of the fence you are on, and class analysis is knowing who is there with you.”

The emerging class conflict in America involves great confusion among many as to which class they belong to, represent, or stand with. In the far more progressive than usual division of the 1% at the top from the 99%, that overwhelming majority is still fiction when so many of them  do not know, care or even think about such social division, but only respond in capitalist individual identity group fashion to any uprising of a social nature:

How come I - and/or my group, my people or whatever minority you are forced into and accept - are not front and center of this movement?

Agents of the 1% are among alleged supporters of the 99% when they directly represent them professionally, criticize them from an allegedly more “revolutionary” position , or when they are carried in establishment journals and other media which find their critiques of society safe enough to disperse among the divided American public to keep it that way.


Any attempts to bring people together around common problems and issues will find these agents claiming their particular problem(s) are being slighted by these less politically well informed folks who don't understand the problems of :  gays-blacks-women-immigrants-workers-jews-people of color-people of no color -choose one , and need to be better informed before they - the intelligentsia of revolution can possibly join them. As in:

I haven't heard a word from these "occupiers" about Palestinians, the rape of the native Americans, the slaughters at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the lynching of Sicilians, and most important, not a word about the plight of Arab-American lesbian hiv positive unemployed people in America...outrageous!

 Who the hell really cares if 1% of the richest people in America own congress, the white house , the judiciary , corporate capital and the banks? What the hell difference does it make if climate change and foreign wars advance the cause of capital while destroying the planet and its people, when a disabled gay defrocked priest  falsely convicted of child molesting cannot find an apartment in Columbus Ohio and not one of these Occupiers has mentioned his plight?

Let's get our priorities straight.


Class consciousness is knowing which side of the fence you are on, and class analysis is knowing who is there with you.

Which side are we on?

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