Friday, February 10, 2012

Bulletins from The Garlic: Gay Jewish Scandal

Gay Jewish couple’s son states “today I am not a man” at Bar Mitzvah 

Orthodox Jewish group threatens law suit, ADL charges couple with self hating anti-semitism, gay liberation movement calls for mass LBGTV Jewish conversion to Christianity, AIPAC gives four billion more to Israeli gay pac, congress censures self hating Jewish gays but pledges support to all gay financial donors no matter their faith, religion, racial or tribal affiliation…

Several political figures expressed varying degrees of opposition or support:

Nancy Pelosi : Oy Vey.

Newt Gingrich: Gays are an invented people.

Rick Santorum: What’s a bar mitzvah?

Mitt Romney: How does my hair look?

Barack Obama: We will continue our passionate and uncritical support for Israel in every way possible, whether that great democratic nation in the middle east chooses to be gay, straight or agnostic.

Hillary Clinton: All sexual options are on the table.
Has anyone seen my husband?

Ron Paul: Close down the fed, open up the free market, get out of the middle east, rebuild the middle west.
Has anyone ever actually seen the invisible hand?