Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ancient Scriptures

even making the wild assumption that any biblical or torah or other tales told to people who told tales to other people who continued telling tales until years later someone wrote an alleged account of these tales were remotely based on actual material events ...so? this would account for the treacherous, murderous garbage infesting our minds and bodies now, centuries after these alleged tales of terror, deities, good people and demons?

when we cannot believe what we see on a TV or computer screen this minute, we are supposed to attach great meaning to what was allegedly said and is still allegedly believed by people who may be certifiable lunatics, as may be those who believe that they believe what they believe and that is why people are being murdered all over the world, children starve, the earth is being ravaged...because some  dickhead believes in cutting off foreskin, or the resurrection of Christ, or the parting of the red sea?

can we get real, for just a moment, and take off the biblical and torah garments, put on pants and dresses or slacks, and take a look at what is going on around us this minute and realize that interpretations and explanations of events range across the spectrum from fascists to communists to democrats to islamist to jews to globalists to nationalists to  literate people and to stark raving lunatics - mostly in major media - and stop seeking answers by examining what are called scriptures?

just find any such text and seek what you want on any given page...it's likely to be there, subject to your interpretation...much more important, and equally open to such analysis, is the much more believable and understandable document we call a constitution, infinitely more important than this biblical/torah-nical nonsense, and a far more important pile of political bullshit which can be interpreted and analyzed by any and every form of philosophy to indicate the master remains master and the slaves, peasants, citizens, consumers remain without power...that's important, the rest is unadulterated horseshit, except for defending freedom of speech, which is right on...

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