Monday, July 29, 2013

Egyptian Democracy = American Hypocrisy

In their rush to bring about collapse of not just ecological but political systems as well, the USA and its puppets quickly endorsed a military coupe in Egypt. Keeping true to the moral double standard that makes profit and loss capitalism the center - if a slowly crumbling one – of the global economy, what’s good for business, banks, the military, the jews, other identity groups (pick one or add your own), is okay no matter how bad it may be for everyone else.

A class of Egyptians seen as unthreatening is supported because another class which wasn’t really that much of a threat seemed to possibly represent less of a profit margin. So what passed for a democratic election in Egypt – at least as democratic and probably more so than any American vote, in that a party founded and led by former social outcasts and imprisoned rebels actually won – is dumped in a military takeover resulting in more protester deaths than in the original uprising against the Mubarak regime.

Like the army, that regime was a corporate client of the ruling western powers, with Egypt comprising a very large mall in the massive market that passes for civilization, which is how we refer to those who can afford the food, clothing, shelter, toys, pets and countless other purchasable commodities that pass for civil (?) society. Meanwhile, several billion inhabitants of planet earth live in poverty, are endlessly hungry, wear unstylish clothing at best and live, if they have homes at all, in crowded ghettos and both relative and all too real squalor.

 A near majority of Egyptians are among these poor, but rest assured the supporters of the military are nice democracy seekers and hypocrisy acceptors more among those who can afford personal relations with pet animals, while the followers of and dependents on the Muslim Brotherhood are more likely to desire eating animals, if only they could afford the prices.

 Of course that group's ruling powers and leadership were doing quite well, thank you, in the first place or they’d never have been able to run for office let alone win an election. And their collusion with the capital class of Egyptians and membership in that group or at least its fringes were also necessary in order to be allowed to sit at the table of power. Americans should remember, if they ever knew, that during slavery and for generations after, “house negroes” exercised power over those in the field on behalf of their owners, and often did – and do - so in a benign, helpful and sometimes nearly radical way. But if they get too far out of line the master cracks the whip, and obviously, the brotherhood got out of line, even if unintentionally.

Lack of experience in running a country played a role but it should be understood that they were not given any help from those who knew how to run things and in fact were set obstacles to make it nearly impossible. Their mistakes were numerous but look at the mental health crisis center of an american government, consider its wealthy owners and a history of at least feigned democracy, and be ashamed at yourself if you feel superior to the Egyptians who undertook a herculean task with none of the material if not intellectual and moral privileges available here.

The watchwords for Americans regarding Egypt should be:  humility, respect, and to clean up the sordid mess in our own house before interfering in matters we play a role in screwing up in the first place.

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