Thursday, December 26, 2013

American Punk Band Murdered!

“Obama is a faggot
 Hillary’s a dike
 Biden is a maggot
 And Jesus was a kike”

Shortly after singing these shocking lyrics from the altar of St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, members of the topless tattooed female rightwing punk rock band “ Twat Rebellion” were savagely beaten by an angry mob of Catholics, Liberals and maintenance workers. Their brutalized bodies were then dragged to the Fifth Avenue Synagogue where a crowd of angry Zionists led by the Jewish Defense League finished stomping them to death while singing “Hava Nagila”.

The swastika wearing profanity spouting women had become a fixture at rallies for nazi, atheist and anti-tax causes but though all their performances involved disrespect directed at symbols of American virtue and charm, this was the first time they had taken over a religious venue to indulge in such hate speech attempts at corrupting liberal family values.

 The reaction was criticized by many who also deemed it forgivable under the circumstances. “Hate speech can never be tolerated and when it is used in a holy, sacred environment like a church or temple it is understandable that an angry crowd might exercise vigilant justice,” said a representative of Freedom of Speech Except For Some People In Special Circumstances. “We at FOSEFSPISC defend our cherished American values but when they are used to counter those cherished American values they become un-cherishable and un-American.”

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