Saturday, September 13, 2014

None Dare Call It Gridlock: Where Republicans and Democrats Find Common Ground

by Michael K. Smith

It is an axiom of contemporary U.S. journalistic commentary that Washington DC is so ideologically divided into warring camps of Republicans and Democrats that there is little hope of achieving a meeting of the minds on important issues of the day.  Suffice it to say that we here at find this a highly delusional belief, although obviously a useful fiction for the private owners of the capitalist economy and the Israel-forever fanatics, whose religious justifications of minority rule in general and Jewish supremacy in particular enjoy overwhelming support from all three branches of government.  There is no rationalization too ludicrous for the two "opposed" parties in their pursuit of limitless profit and Greater Israel.

Consider the following policy prescriptions.  All of them are currently in vogue, and enjoy broad bi-partisan support:

Education:  Bust the unions, close the schools, fire the teachers. Ignore incremental rise in test scores over many years, and the public's general satisfaction with the public schools, in favor of handing public funds over to profit-hungry charter schools accountable only to themselves.

Health care:  Ignore the option of extending Medicare coverage to all, essentially the way every other developed country in the world has achieved universal health insurance, in favor of forcing millions more Americans to subsidize the parasitic HMOs that currently siphon off more than $1 trillion a year in unnecessary costs via the hopelessly fraudulent "medical billing" industry.

Environment:  Disperse carcinogenic and mutagenic substances far and wide, so as to make it impossible to determine which profiteers are responsible for the resulting cancers and birth defects.

Energy:  Burn up the ocean of petroleum it took nature the whole of geologic time to create in a few generations, converting the earth to a combination gas chamber/cremation oven.

Economy:  Continue funneling hundreds of billions of dollars a year in public money to dependent corporations via the Pentagon system. Bail out reckless speculators who crashed the economy in 2008, asking nothing in return for the public funds.  Offshore the job base; give tax breaks to outsourcers; channel gains from productivity increases to the rich and super-rich; jail the poor; bury the middle class in debt.

Civil Liberties:  Jail whistleblowers; establish "total information awareness" via state controlled digital communications; abolish habeas corpus; establish torture centers and military tribunals to handle the increasing numbers of state enemies deemed undeserving of constitutional rights; award U.S. president the power to kill anyone, anywhere, anytime without resort to due process of law.

Communications:  Hand public airwaves permanently to private interests free of charge, so that they may continually bombard the public with "programming" celebrating greed, domination, and deceit.

Foreign Policy:  Rob, swindle, torture, and murder all those who passively or actively interfere with massive profit extraction on behalf of a microscopic minority of super-rich, who have no means of productively spending or investing their immense fortunes.   Award permanent unrestrained support to Jewish apartheid state in Palestine, no matter how many 911s it portends.  Continue siphoning off Middle East oil to underwrite suicidal over-consumption in the West, while tens of millions of Arabs remain mired in bitter poverty awaiting total catastrophe when the oil runs out.  Continue issuing pious declarations against "terrorism" while invading, bombing, torturing, and killing civilians throughout the Middle East.

This is but a thumbnail sketch of the terrifying policies currently enjoying bi-partisan support in Washington, with more and worse always on the way.  Given the almost total lack of critical political consciousness and popular organization for change among the citizenry, Democrat-Republican gridlock is an outcome fervently to be wished for.  Better that the two major parties endlessly wrangle over minor budgetary disagreements than that they devote themselves single-mindedly to the agenda outlined above.

Meanwhile, the rest of us had better educate and organize for broad-based, sweeping democratic change in all areas of policy, without fear of naming capitalism and Jewish-supremacy as public enemies. Until we have the courage to do that, we recklessly invite terminal disaster.

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