Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Boots on the Ground and Bats in the Belfry

 “The problem in the world is not that small countries, who are under siege, are unwilling to change. Rather, it is that the bigger countries are piling on like bullies in the school yard – and they don’t know when to stop.” Vladimir Putin

The current global monster, Putin, so designated by corporate USA, is a heroic figure to much of the world. Russia’s status as capitalist rebel in a formerly western dominated global mall can seem like the difference between democratic and republican parties in America:
A long-term choice of cancer or polio, with a guarantee of disease no matter which side wins. But in the current deadly state of private profiteering bringing more of the planet closer to ruin, the short term lesser evil of emerging capitalist powers like Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) can seem almost hopeful. At least in that short term.

Under the economic regime that demands private profits from oil, gas and war even if it threatens life support systems of air, water and earth, calls are increasing for restructuring that economic foundation that supports incredible wealth for a few at life threatening cost to the many. This is causing panic and more irrational behavior than usual among the ruling global minority.

The empire is attempting to control what has become uncontrollable and is leading to faster local breakdowns in a system facing global calamity if it is not brought under democratic control.

Putin identifies part of this in the “bullying” of small nations but the absurdity is greater than he may understand, since his country operates on the same economics that create massive human inequality and environmental rape. On the brighter side, he and other capitalist leaders who have not yet succumbed to total madness are able to see that a single dominant imperial power is no longer possible. Some form of respectful cooperation among nations is necessary, even in an allegedly competitive economy, or no one will be able to enjoy the alleged fruits of markets under private control.

The important word is alleged, since for most of humanity the fruits do not exist at all, and tend to be rancid and even poisonous once they become available to an ever-shrinking minority in the middle.

The BRICS operate as the more enlightened capitalists of the past who created the New Deal following the Great Depression. They saved the system with government spending to do what private capital found unprofitable but would bring destruction to the system if left undone. Using tax dollars and making sure the rich did not pay too much, they created jobs and industries that were otherwise a loss for private investors but would mean greater profits for them if financed by the great body of society: it’s working class.

Those workers soon became a middle class when wasteful consumption developed into the fastest method for creating profits. The credit economy formed when none of those workers could afford to pay for the commodity crapulence that filled markets in the relatively affluent west while emptying stomachs and stealing futures from what was called the under developed world. Now that world is “developing” as market forces of capital have arrived to create another small middle class benefitting a tiny minority of millionaires and billionaires at even greater cost to the majority.

Newer capitalist powers “democratize” the empire formerly dominated by the USA into one of several nations sharing that domination.

But now the growing problem of capitalist destruction of the natural world doesn’t threaten separate national or identity groups often easily set against each other, but the entire human race. The present call to arms over climate change amplifies what critics have warned since the 19th century:

Treating nature simply as a commodity with which to create private profit would lead to the public loss of humanity’s environment. What is to be done?

Acceding to the purveyors of master race – chosen people ideological dominance, all of humanity must obey the dictates of the “bully”, under the name of humanitarian democracy and other cosmetic language to make brutality and bigotry sound like harmonious relations. But this deranged product is losing any appeal it once had as reality cuts through the fog of advertising propaganda. As a result, the behavior of its profiteer-bullies creates further dangers:

More troops sent to make war and train foreigners in that social degeneracy; more meddling in the affairs of states and claiming the right to do so as superior racial and ethical overlords of inferior creatures; more actions by an unelected global police department where great masses suffer because some look like what the ruling minority see as terrorists and rebels while their mass of supporters see them as freedom fighters.

This will only end when more of the ruled pierce the dense fog of ruler imposed suppression through military force and thought control. Snowden and other “informers of the people” are making it more possible for humanity to rise above minority leadership to create a humanitarian system that will put an end to the perversion of mass murdering bullies calling themselves purveyors of peace and democracy. The recent elections in the USA saw more money spent by rulers than ever before and less votes cast by the people in more than a generation. Once Americans have something to vote for, the program for change will make a giant leap. That day has to come very soon, and not simply for the good of Americans. Neither the world nor we can tolerate this system much longer.

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