Monday, November 2, 2015

"Even war has rules," said Doctors Without Borders head Dr. Joanne Liu

That's the problem, the acceptance of such degeneracy as representing something called civilization. How about rules of rape? Rules of child molesting?  Or worst of all for some people, rules of animal cruelty? 

Only commit rape between the hours of nine and five, wear white gloves, do not punch the face of the victim but only the body, and only if absolutely necessary. Sound good?

Only molest a child age twelve or above and then only if the child is dressed provocatively but refuses to comply with adult orders to dress appropriately. Sound okay?

Only beat a dog or cat to death if the animal vomits on your rug, craps on your linoleum or bites or scratches a guest. Okay?

If not, why and how can we go on accepting the filthy, stupid, depraved idea that it's perfectly alright to blow people's brains out, to rip their bodies limb from limb, to burn them to death, to shoot, stab, beat and otherwise end their lives anonymously and abruptly, if we're involved in a war - unless! - they are in a hospital or church-synagogue-mosque or other place of worship. Sensible, thoughtful and humane, if you dine on gourmet feces and are degenerate enough to observe the rules of rape, molestation and worse.

If the people murdered at the hospital had been blown to bits at some other location, they would have suffered death known only to their next of kin, loved ones and friends, like the hundreds of thousands we have murdered in the most recent mass destruction in the middle east. Let's not overload our brains with too much history and deal in hundreds of millions for all wars, since we are innumerate enough as it is and having a difficult enough time even considering the madness of these "rules" spoken of by the good doctor. I mean, hey, let's not go too far with this mass murder thing; we've got to have some control over why, how and most especially where we commit these murders. Right? Thoughtful, formally educated, rules for war making humanitarians? 

Be nice and only blow up buildings other than hospitals, like buildings where people are having dinner before their bloody remains become part of the soup, or where people are having a wedding celebration without having studied the "rules of war" that don't stop sanctioned-by-governmental-degeneracy warriors from dismembering them. And eventually military targets like hospitals, churches, mosques and synagogues where people and other warlike enemies try to hide, not understanding that the  "rules of war" would then make them legitimate targets?

 It isn't only the doctor who needs to confront this perversion of soul, spirit and matter that we all sanction, rationalize and perform as war. It is mass murder and if it is okay to have millions slaughtered while we go to work, school, shopping or walk our dogs, then there should be no empty sanctimonious garbage about individuals having guns representing a special sickness suffered only by them. Gun control? We need massive consciousness change to end the bloody foreign policy that is an extension of our domestic madness.

We are avoiding many serious problems every day, problems that affect all of humanity, but the worst of all is avoidance of this subject and the continued rationalization of it as something somehow natural, necessary to all of us, and with special  "rules".  Climate change, capitalism, drought, famine, disease and more will not be a problem if and when our legal “rules of war” come home to destroy us, whether said rules of degeneracy are observed or broken by the warriors from within or without our constitutional house of perversion.

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