Saturday, December 12, 2015


"We will not have our organization's image sullied by this vicious man and his hate speech. We do not discriminate among the children we have sex with and will not let this evil Hitler type monster influence our members or cast a dark light on all the good we do" said NCMFBA* president T.B. Falworth Jackson.

"Our members love and sexually relate to christian, jewish, muslim, agnostic, atheist, buddhist and any and all children of all faiths, races and belief systems. This is the American way!"

Spokespeople for the Democratic, Republican, Communist and American Nazi parties all joined in praise for the group's courageous outcry against rhetorical bigotry. In a joint statement of solidarity, they said:

At a time when all Americans need to come together against rhetorical bigotry against muslims while we continue murdering them by the thousands in their homelands with weapons and not words, the NCMFBA is a beacon of light shining on the ideals that make us the master race of self chosen people the world desperately needs, now more than ever.

*national child molesters for a better america

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Bob Banner said...

holy crap.. that got me going until I saw that you write satire.. keep em coming.. staying on my toes!!!