Friday, March 4, 2016

Brave, Bold, Courageous, Angry American Speaks Out

What is happening to this great and wonderful and exceptional nation? How can the greatest country in the history of map making allow this fiendish monster to not only dominate our Tv screens and newspaper headlines but threaten to become president of this greatest country ever in history not counting ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt or other empires too old to really matter compared to this one?

This rhetorical nazi, racist, sexist language spouting rich ego maniac may be the darling of nazi, racist, sexist language spouting working class and poorly educated unwashed stupid dopey moronic people who actually run this country and secretly own it, but we americans who stand for truth, justice, common decency and loving our pets while thousands live in the streets will not stand for this madness! And I for one declare here and now that if is this vile filthy pig is elected I will take my family and move to Russia or China or Mexico, where the free market will afford us the opportunities that were our heritage in the old America. The one we cherish and love and honor and get tears in our eyes when we think about it, or something.

You know, the one before this beastly monster and his rhetoric made us all ashamed. The one that drove the Indians off their homelands, slaughtered them if they resisted, and put them in concentration camps called reservations so it sounded like they were going to dinner. That great originator of freedom and justice that brought Africans over in chains so that their labor could be used to build a mighty fortress of agricultural capital in the south that we had to destroy in a civil war to relocate as industrial capital up north. That great nation that saved the world from evil fascism or communism or some other really bad thing by blowing up much of europe and Asia, especially Germany, Japan, Korea and Viet Nam, and did it unselfishly, with little or no concern for the young men and women who had to die in order to perform the slaughter of millions. How can we let this filthy demonic Trump creature destroy that with his nasty rhetoric? Even as we continue doing it in the Middle East, as always, saving the lives of thousands by murdering millions?

I’m asking all Americans of good conscience, all decent people who employ cheap immigrant labor to pick our crops, bus our tables, clean our houses, take care of our kids, do our gardening, and work cheaper than ungrateful americans who used to do that stuff, to come together and buy tickets to other countries if this monster somehow gets the slack-jawed dumbo majority – you know, the ones that elected Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama and them  - to make an even dumber choice.

We can create a newer, greater America in some foreign country that will be like the old one, only better. It will be much easier for us to get rid of lower forms of humans than it was in the past, and if we’re careful we can rid ourselves of all stupidity, venality, immorality and other stuff that will help us rise to an even higher form of the master race of self chosen people we were, before this vicious creator of filth, hate, racism and sexism came along.

It’s not too late. Check out our fundraising site online, send all the money you’ve got, and join this effort to save our nation from the deepest, darkest threat ever in the history of consciousness controlled creation of demonic individuals to take people’s minds off the need to change corrupt and murderous social systems. Join the real conspiracy for humanity, give us your money, stick a false flag up your ass and join the parade for freedom!

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i'd like to send money but no address was given.