Friday, September 30, 2016

Trump Accused of Heavy Breathing Threat to Environment

Scientists from the Goldman Sachs laboratory charged Donald Trump with poisoning the atmosphere of little babies, puppies and kittens by his indulgence in racist sexist homophobic heavy breathing during the debate with glass ceiling victim Hillary Clinton.

“ His intake of breath could clearly be heard and the taking in of so much air is another selfish, demagogic, hitler like demand on the environment this despicable man and his deplorable storm troopers continue to practice with no regard for the respiratory systems of our children, pets and insects.” said group spokesperson Dr Pasqual von Garcia Messerschmitt.

Leading online members of the PPMAS* caucus joined in calling for an investigation of Trump’s racist, sexist and homophobic breathing practice. Recent graduate of the Institute of Eternal Internal Pain and Chair of the Committee to Promote Billionaire Benefactors of Deserving Identity Groups Chesney P. Blockmeister said “He clearly is sending messages to his Russian friend Putin that they won’t have to worry about American resistance once he is president since all his enemies will have suffocated from lack of air due to his dominance of the atmosphere we all depend on for our survival.”

*Pampered Privileged Micro Aggression Suffering

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