Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tension and Stress Affecting Pets..OMG!

In response to emergency calls and visits to veterinary clinics, hospitals, sanitariums and mental health centers, the American Pet Industry has rushed into production some new anti-depressant products to help alleviate the crisis in mental health initiated by the recent election of a deplorable president.

"Our animal family members are feeling as badly as all americans in our wage and earnings bracket", said Ms Jocelyn Cashworthy of cosmopolitan suburban shopping center america. "They need help as much as we do. I haven't slept since November 8 and my pomeranian poodle collie chihuahua mix has been up with me every night."

Owners of cats, spiders, fleas and exotic tropical cockroaches have also been complaining of ill tempered, bad mannered pets since the terrible election of an anti-semitic, misogynistic, racist and pet hating new president.

"We'll just have to keep smoking pot and sharing it with our pets until Big Pharma can market its new drugs at a profit. We all need to unite as a people to save our  pets and our wonderful  capitalist system from this capitalist who somehow won an election in our carefully arranged democracy to maintain capitalism."

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