Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bulletin: Legalienate To Boycott Inauguration!

The national and international staff of Legalienate, a blog more famous than the NY Times , Fox TV, SlimeFeed, Bogus Newz and ScumBook announced its boycott of the Trump inauguration.
Spokeperson Frank Scott said:

"in keeping with our long cherished and sacred policies and on a moral  par with the U.S. Constitution, the Ten Commandments and our even more sacredly cherished Hypocritic Oath, as in all other inaugurations dating from George Washington, our dedicated staff members, born, unborn, zygote, fetus or whatever, will not attend in protest against political and media hacks and in order to get some free publicity like all the other nobodies, nothings, losers and pretenders who are claiming fame by not attending a public spectacle they were never invited to either."

1 comment:

Nana Baakan Agyiriwah said...

Frank, that headline almost had me thinking you were lost in the field of snowflakes.
Luckily I read the whole thing, because I was not too sure about all of you over there.

I do have a question however and it's this.
"How does protesting change anything?"
I have been waiting for almost a lifetime for the answer, can you help me out here?

Thanks Frank, always good to hear from you.