Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Obstruction of Logic

While the single digit IQ brigades continue finding new Russian plots and Trump fascism under every rock on the white house lawn, the earth worms they seem not to have noticed are making the substance of our mental heath crisis center more subject to collapsing our great democracy and imperial master race of self chosen people in and on itself.

Lunkheads of the conservative right make gains in returning the economy to the anti-social free market fundamentalism that once made it great back in the time called the great depression, and pinheads of what passes for a progressive left urge impeachment of the president as cure-all for everything as soon as enough evidence of his obstruction of justice is compiled out of gossip, innuendo and science fantasy to make another cherished act of liberal politics – a law suit – pass for social change. We’ll show him!

A national selfie of our diverse, sincere and confused population might reveal a stunning photo of all manner of human beings operating at cross purposes under the control of forces keeping them divided and clutching at paper napkins as a global tsunami threatens and they scream for quadri-sexual toilets, therapy for immigrants, less birth control, more abortion and a greater military. Jeepers kids, what could go wrong with this picture?

Right wing foamers at the mouth who made a career of a Cold War pitting the Soviet Union of evil communism against all that we held sacred, like cancer, pets, racism, foreign invasions and mothers day, are now replaced by running nose progressives seeking an end to Russian evil capitalist meddling in all that we hold sacred, like homeless people, economic inequality, pets, and perpetuation of the incredibly stupid idea that humans are members of different races. Historic political economic forces are reduced to individual heroes and villains and majority groups that desperately need to work together are forced to compete for survival to benefit minorities who hold power over them only by perpetuation of myths, legends and incredible and growing debt that temporarily assures their survival but for an ever shorter period of time until nature aligned with its collective human force will foreclose on the tragedy of the commons. That once referred to a place in England where ordinary people of the past – peasants - would go to commune with themselves and nature in order to grow the stuff of their survival, until such time as early capital  threw them out and enclosed those areas for making greater profits from grazing sheep and selling fur coats. Under the speed of electronic capital those commons have expanded to the entire planet and its financial royal family owners are squeezing that land and the humans who live on it as never before, in the process creating greater profits at an ever faster pace, for the few, but bringing poverty, poisoned earth and potential race disaster closer by the market report, for the many.

Solution? At the central headquarters of American capital, it means building a case against the occupant at the white house, said case starting as he was elected and ongoing since, moving from alleged spying, alleged invention of racism, homophobia, islamophobia, sexist hate crimes and more, and doing so in easy to understand language instead of the double speak known and loved by all employees in capital’s loyal servant professional class.

The current president gives vent to whatever comes from the deep black hole between his ears and defies usual treacherous speech that masks overt atrocities in flowery hypocrite political poetics by boldly and proudly claiming such horror as just what we need to be great, again. No wonder the ruling powers want the oaf tossed out, given that he clearly states the program they have used to gain wealth while using their hired political media to describe it as everything but its reality. But it is already too late to get away with continued blaming the atrocity of our political economics on one or another satanized individual. The system has spoken loudly if not screamed in making a small group of humans richer than any in history while turning greater populations into paupers and reducing hundreds of millions more to only temporarily avoiding poverty by charging their rent, food, clothing, shelter and what passes for entertainment to a vast electronic network of symbolic debt that threatens to consume far more than any bank bailout can materially deal with, at least under the private profit before public good system which is so out of control if it were an individual it would be physically, morally, spiritually and therapeutically bankrupt and placed in a padded cell .

No less than what passes for authority at the IMF warned only a short time ago that the world’s public and private sectors were deeper in debt than at the height of the financial crisis a decade ago, owing more than 164 trillion dollars. Twelve zeroes after the 164, kids. Global debt is now more than twice the size of the value of goods and services produced every year and at 225 per cent of global gross domestic product. There was an urgent need to reduce the burden of debt in both the private and public sectors to improve the resilience of the global economy.

Sick humor aside, the resilience has never stopped for the minority collecting interest on that massive debt, along with its well paid servants still raking in enough to make weekly, monthly or yearly payments to the biggest loan shark-shylock-moneylender-blood sucking vipers in history. If the new testament mob of Jesus and his radical rabbis were operative now, they would not just chase the bloodsuckers from the temple as they supposedly did millennia past, but possibly beat them to a pulp and sell their remains as pet food.

Religion and mythology aside, we close with the words of a modern scholar from France which make far more sense to the growing numbers wondering at just what is going on to make things seem so precarious and scary:

“What is at stake is not the future of capitalism, but that of civilization itself.”

Maurice Chesnais


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