Sunday, March 22, 2020

Statistical Soup - COVID 19 Is Dangerous, But It's Not Killing Us All

As of today, reports the New York Times, 325,000 people world-wide have been sickened by the coronavirus, and there have been "at least" 14,390 deaths. The virus has been detected in 157 countries. In the figures below, remember that the death rate is a percentage of the people confirmed to be sick with coronavirus, not the percentage of the whole population.

In China, a country of 1.3 billion people, there have been 81,054 confirmed cases and 3,261 deaths. In other words, about one out of every 16,039 people have gotten sick and about 4% of them have died. 

In Italy, there are 59,138 cases, and 5476 deaths. The total population of Italy is 60,461,826. So roughly one Italian in every 1022 has gotten sick, and 9.25% of them (the sick) have died.

In the USA, there are 31,722 confirmed cases and 400 deaths to date. The current population of the U.S. is 331,002,651. So one in 10,434 Americans has gotten sick, and 1.25% of those people have died.

Spain has 28,572 confirmed cases and 1720 deaths in a total population of 48,750,000. So one out of every 1706 Spaniards has gotten sick, and six percent of them have died.

Iran has a population of 81,160,000. It has 21,638 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 1685 deaths.  So one out of 3751 Iranians has gotten sick, and 7.8% of them have died.

Germany has a population of 82,790,000. To date it has 18,610 confirmed cases and 55 deaths. That's one out of every 4449 people getting sick, and 0.3% of them dying (three patients out of every thousand).

France has a population of 70,000,000. It has 16,018 confirmed cases, of which 674 have died. That's roughly one person out of every 4370 getting sick, and 4.21% of those dying.

South Korea has a population of 51,269,185. To date it has 8897 confirmed cases and 104 deaths. That means that roughly one out of 5763 people have gotten sick, and 1.17% of them have died.

Switzerland has a population of 8,637,124. It has 7014 confirmed cases and 60 deaths. In other words, one out of every 1231 people have gotten sick, and 0.85% of them have died (eighty-five of every 10,000) 

Great Britain has a population of 67,260,000. It has had 5683 cases and 281 deaths. So about one out of every 11,835 have become ill, and 5% of them have died.

Source: "Corona Virus Map: Tracking The Global Outbreak," New York Times, March 21, 2020

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