Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Majority Forces Need To Combat Market Dictatorship

   An economy on the brink of more serious failure than the usual cyclic form entered an even more critical state when the covid virus hit. We now find the mind-boggling debt before the capitalist pandemic growing to be very near breaking the capitalist bank. Along with the awakening public opposition to racism experienced by some who are encountering it for the first time, this is producing the greatest surge for substantial change since the near transformation that took place back in the 1930s, when capitalism defensively improved the lives of much of its working class to avoid social revolution. So, naturally, our intellectually and morally crippled rulers are making every effort to incorporate into the market any and all efforts at creating change, while blocking when not totally smothering public consciousness in the thickest fog of dis-and mis-information to make all previous treatment of mind management seem almost thoughtful by comparison.


As the nation sinks more deeply into financial, mental and spiritual blight, we find major outlets of thought control blaring idiocy about Russian threats to our invader forces in foreign countries by allegedly offering payment to the native population to kill them. Such thoughts would never occur to people who have suffered tens of thousands of deaths at their hands and whose governments have been destroyed by them, at least not to the brilliant American foreign policy makers who need to have their heads examined by a proctologist. These Russian monsters are also conducting assaults on our fictional democracy, thus endangering the multi-billion dollar electoral marketing orgy which started right after the last carnival chose a barker and will continue until the next circus selects a clown.


 Worse, according to the same purveyors of propaganda, the Chinese are stealing our medical research and computer brilliance and using both to improve the lives of all their people instead of simply enhancing the bottom lines of some of their investors. As an example of their vicious disdain for all that truly matters, during a time in which my own American county closed a hospital for lack of funding, and this in a place with a median income of just under 80,000 a year, the savage Chinese built two – 2! – brand new hospitals in barely a month when confronted by the covid 19 virus. Guess which nation leads the world in number of deaths due to the virus and tries to blame the atrocity of its health care system on an allegedly Chinese menace? This while we ring China with military bases and sail an armada into the South China Sea, which brain dead imperialists tell us is right off the coast of Florida. Or New York?


And while college educated fiction writers posing as news reporters screech about Chinese abuse of minorities Americans in greater numbers than ever are reacting to the generations of such real abuse in the USA. And that crippled health care business at a more crippled capitalist mall has increased suffering for millions more unemployed while a handful of billionaires get even disgracefully richer in a marketplace more contaminated by moral sewage than ever before, or, at least since last week.


While forced to consider the supposed horrid menace of Russia and China, more Americans are piercing the plastic curtain of corporate mis-information by experiencing material life rather than simply swallowing immaterial stories amounting to modern mythology to make folklore tales of magical wonder sound far more logical.


American material reality sees total personal debt at the 14 trillion dollar mark. In truth, like our government in the hallowed “free” market where nothing is free, much of America could not pay rent, mortgages or afford food or clothing without running up tremendous debt, nor could our pseudo-democracy run up trillions of dollars worth of death rays and invading armies without burdening us with a multi-trillion dollar national debt. This, while millions more lose their jobs and health care to the capitalist economy, thousands lose their lives to the capitalist pandemic, and the entire nation is in danger of losing its collective consciousness to the capitalist media.


 As public reaction grows in anger at the injustice of a murderous dis-organization of life through the marketing religion of private profit, the ruling powers transmit brain-numbing messages of division, consumption, more division, more consumption and then even more division and consumption.


The growing consciousness of racism in America threatens to be reduced to a brand name as banks, malls, fashion, art, films and every other aspect of life-as-commodity sign on to the BLM logo, inviting all to buy their products, rent their cars, eat their fast foods and indulge every form of life reduced to purchase at the market assured that they are buying from supporters of the brand BLM, a most recently discovered and lucrative market share.


 Desperately fighting against a rise in consciousness among the people that sees the reality of humanity as a majority with common interests and not the vicious reduction of humans into competing groups, we are reduced to seeing fictional minorities as people of color when all of us with the exception of albinos are such, and that small number of us without melanin are no less humans for having that birth defect.  Anything to prevent the public from clearly seeing, as our primitive communist ancestors did, that hungry people need food, no matter their skin tone, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference or favorite sport. Whether geographic realities and cultural teachings create desire for lasagna, matzos, tacos, chitlins, croissants or fried rice, food is absolutely necessary for survival, not for marketing. When the hunt was successful our ancestors all had meat. When it was not, they all had vegies. When neither meat nor vegies were available our nomadic ancestors moved to another locale, in the human tradition of migrating to a new place when life was no longer possible at the old one. This was long before capital and profits, in fact, long before slave and feudal societies. But the fact is that humans survived from the beginning by cooperation not just because or unless they liked each other but because it was absolutely essential for their survival. If those early practitioners had not followed that mentally advanced if physically primitive form we would not be here in the modern world participating in an either or choice that does not involve a lesser evil but ultimate humanity threatening evil itself.


That evil is the private profit first and at all cost system of capitalism which, after that profit procurement, creates investment that brings public good to one and all. Of course. Isn’t it evident in the fact that we spend more than 700 billion on wars while more than half a million of our people are homeless? That’s the beauty and poetry of a free market system of investment for profit first. If dog food, kitty litter and pet health care for our 180 million comfortably housed dogs and cats make more profits than housing for half a million humans and health care for more than thirty million humans, doesn’t it make sense to invest in our pets rather than those humans? If more than seven hundred billion a year brings profit to the Military Industrial Complex we were first warned of by a Republican president, doesn’t that kind of job creation to kill people in foreign countries – while calling it defense of our mostly undefended from pollution, poverty and crime population - isn’t that wonderful? And if all of us simultaneously learn that is the case, rather than the idiotic excuse for reality we are having forced into our heads, might we react in anger and join together in a social uprising to make all social uprisings of the past seem mere preludes? That’s why we are hearing about China, Russia and a failing state because of Russia and China, and why we are being sold a product called Black Lives Matter lest it become a social revolution that says under capitalism, only some lives matter and that group is getting smaller and smaller while the majority of humanity faces ruin as long as it is divided into false races and phony identity groups that allow the most menacing minority on the planet, billionaires and their rich professional flunkies, to lead us all to ruin.


All humans need food, clothing and shelter, which our primitive ancestors seemed to understand. They did not differentiate on any stupid grounds of alleged racial difference until something called civilization introduced minority rules, class structure and associated horror. And it got worse for most people when capitalism took over, bringing a better life to some by creating a worse life for many many more. We need to begin acting like what we truly are, a tribe of closely related humans being falsely driven apart by minority rulers who teach us to grow up isolated and suffering adults blaming ourselves or other powerless people for our problems. As more of us reach that point the program of our rulers will become even more desperate than at the present moment at which our major problems are hardly the Russians or Chinese or Iranians but rather the billionaire class and its employees and the Democratic and Republican parties which they own.


We need far more than votes to create social transformation. Votes have helped create the mess we’re programmed to fear as budding American fascism, which is what German voters did to create the German brand. Real democracy creates society, not a rubber stamp for its minority owners and is not for purchase at a mall; like food clothing and shelter, it must be created by an aroused public demanding a better life for all of us and not just some of us. Elections can help, but democracy must be created before the vote, not after.

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