Saturday, February 20, 2021

Orange Man Gone, Infantilism Still Here

 "We are a bunch of spoiled brats in America. We can't shut down, take our medicine, do the right thing - no! We have to have our own temper tantrums; we have to yell at people who don't agree with us; we have to act emotionally, as opposed to intellectually, follow the science, pay people so that they can stay alive (at home), put moratoriums on everything, your bank loans, your mortgages, your business loans, and just pay, and all the companies, if you're not an essential company just shut that shit all down . . . 

 "Every country has fiat currency now. Nobody's backed by gold. It's all made up. When this shit is over, which it would have been in three or four months, we open back up and you just hit the re-set button on fiat currency. It's all relative scale. That's how money works. There's no Fort Knox anymore . . .

"I have the best response for people who say we just need to open it up, if you just opened it up our economy would get better . . . These (uncompensated) businesses are dead, guys. They're gone. Because our leadership didn't do the right thing . . . .We didn't take our medicine, shut it down, pay the people who really needed the money, put a freeze on everything, get over this in three months and re-open her up. And just like Europe when there was a second spike, we would shut that fucker back down again and we'd be over it in eight weeks. 

 "But, no! We had to sit there and cry, whine on social media and say: 'Open 'er up! Open 'er up!'

"We have no patience. We can't put off. We have to have instant gratification. We have failed the cookie experiment, guys. You remember the cookie experiment? They sat a group of kids down. They said: 'Don't eat this cookie, you'll get two cookies' (later), so the researchers left them alone, and some kids ate the cookies right away, some kids held off for a few minutes, and then ate the cookie, and some kids listened and didn't eat the cookie. 

"They followed these kids their entire lives, for years and years until adulthood, and the kids who could put off that gratification, who listened, they were significantly more successful in life than the other kids."


-------- Dr. Duc C. Vuong February 7, 2021


Sean Ryan said...

Many of the greatest minds throughout history, Thinkers, Inventors, Innovators, Discoverers, etc. have relied on their own personal observations, experiences & experiments, rather than rely on conventional narratives in their achievements.

For the past year people have been telling me I'll get "the Virus" & get deathly ill if I don't mask up, socially distance, shelter-in-place, etc.
And yet I haven't yet masked, nor distanced, nor sheltered, and I haven't been sick yet.
Neither have any of my friends.
I didn't shut-down my business. I continued to operate as normal.
Some of my customers masked, most didn't.
And not a single one has gotten sick.

In fact, I haven't changed my life, one iota, and nothing bad has happened to me.
I didn't whine, or worry, or hide-scared. I just kept doing my job, running my business.

I will always place my own personal observations, experiences, and experiments ahead of common narrative or/or other peoples opinions.
But I'll also always keep an open mind to other ideas.
What is true of my experiences is not necessarily true of all others'.

Though he may not have uttered the words, the phrase 'Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food', the idea is attributed to the work, findings & Philosophy of the "Father of Medicine", Hippocrates of Kos.
He understood the benefits of natural allelochemicals (aka phytochemicals, like flavonoids, terpenoids, polyphenols, lignans, etc.).
These secondary metabolites aid & are absolutely essential for the microbes that form the basis of all life.

Spices, herbs, roots, greens, seeds, grains, etc. were/are more than just flavorings or mere sustenance, they provide valuable natural health benefits.
Globally, some 50%-80% of all pharmaceuticals originated from, or are based on compounds from these natural allelochemicals.

The numerous pharmacological benefits, antibiotic, antifungal & antiviral properties, of these natural allelochemicals is well documented.

Common "weeds" like Dandelion, Burdock, Milkweed, and many other oft ignored & even destroyed plants posses numerous beneficial chemical compounds.
The dessert/candies/confection Marshmallow was originally created from the root of the Marshmallow plant (Althaea officinalis).
Now it's most typically made from sugar, water and gelatin.

Yet rather than utilize those beneficial plants, we spend billions yearly trying to eradicate them.
Often using poisons, like herbicides like Glyphosate and such.
Which are massively destructive to the microbes that form the very bases of all life.

More & more of our foods are created using highly-processed, even synthetic ingredients.
Stripping-out or negating the benefits of these natural allelochemicals, fiber, microbes & such.
Worse, most of the vitamins used to fortify our increasingly deficient foods are also synthetic.
Many created using toxic byproducts of the mining and refining industries & processes.
Synthetic Vitamin D3, aka Cholecalciferol, is a known, highly-effective Rodenticide.
Synthetic Vitamin E, aka di-alpha tocopherol, is often synthesized using toluene, a toxic solvent.
The examples have become the norm rather than the exceptions.

The study of the evolution of synthetic Vitamins is quite interesting.
Cost & profit have been the primary developmental motivators.

Most all natural Vitamins come from microbes, as they interact with enzymes, secondary metabolites, other microbes, etc., working to feed-on & breakdown organic matter (compost).
Most all natural Antibiotics come from microbes, as they interact with enzymes, secondary metabolites, other microbes, etc., working to feed-on & breakdown organic matter (compost).

From Above said...

Asparaginase, an enzyme produced naturally by microbes like E. coli, Aspergillus Niger (aka "black mold") and other microbes, as they work to feed-on & breakdown organic matter, is known to be a highly-effective anti-cancer & antiviral agent, as it prevents excess bio-accumulation of Asparagine, an α-amino acid that is used in the biosynthesis of proteins, and has been shown to aid the development of numerous viruses when in excess.

But natural Vitamins & natural Antibiotics can't be patented.
Thus the profit motive isn't there, like in synthetics.

Numerous Historians, Researchers, Scientists, and such have documented how decreasing & deficient plant, animal & human nutrition during the Middle Ages likely exacerbated the consequences of the Black Plague.
Severely compromised plant, animal & human immune systems could no longer adequately protect.
And yet in modern times we're busily scratching our heads ignorantly wondering why so many humans are so weak, frail & sickly.
Desperately clinging to the false hope of highly-profitable "science" and "medicine" to save us.

Charles Darwin, upon receipt of much criticism of his own astute personal experiments, observations, experiences and such wrote that "Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge".
This observation forms a basis of the cognitive bias known as the Dunning Kruger effect.
Those with lesser knowledge, less comprehension of topics & subjects tend to overstate their confidence in what they think they know, based on limited information & data.
That observation, taken to it's logical extension, means that in those times by & when people that think they know the most, they are in fact at their most ignorant.
During the "Dark Ages" of the Middle Ages, people thought they were at the height of knowledge.

We are currently living in the "Dark Ages" of the 21st century.

We don't even fully understand the roles & actions of things like viruses.
The fever, elevated body temperatures currently attributed to the body's response of infections, was once seen as a cause rather than a symptom of infection.
Due to ignorance.

Prior to the "covid" narrative, John's Hopkins Medical College, recognized as one of the top/premiere medical colleges, identified the medical industry as likely one of the leading causes of deaths in the U.S., via preventable medical error (aka malpractice).
That study was also very critical of the medical coding system used to record "causes of death", recognizing that system as beneficial most only for billing purposes, incapable of accurately identifying true causes of death.

Beyond the conventional narrative of "excess" death rates over the past year, upon compiling & analyzing historical death rates in many "more-developed" countries over a 10+ year period, what has become apparent is the fact that death rates have been consistently increasing, year-after-year in most of those "more-developed" countries.
In Japan for example, yearly deaths have been outpacing yearly births since ~2005.
Japan's population has thus been decreasing since the early 2k's, and that trend is expected to continue.

You are what you eat.
An adage that holds true across the entire food chain.

But I stand corrected.
I did become sick, once this past year.
I awoke one day with a massive sore throat, terrible muscular aches, a bad headache, breathing difficulties, cough, fatigue, and such.
I did a quick treatment of steam inhalation utilizing natural antibiotics/antivirals like Eucalyptus, Tea Tree oil, Peppermint leaves, White Willow Bark.
I was back to 100% within 24 hrs.

I used to suffer from chronic pneumonia, for over 20 years, getting bad bronchial infections every single year, year-after-year.
But haven't been infected for over 7 years now, since starting those steam inhalation treatments using those natural antibiotics/antivirals.

Michael Smith said...

Since I accepted Jesus as my lord and personal savior, nothing bad has happened to me. . . . . .