Friday, May 20, 2022

Bernie Sanders' War Fetish

"It’s disappointing that (Bernie) Sanders voted for another $40 billion weapons sale to Ukraine. But it’s entirely consistent with his legislative history of supporting Democratic wars and opposing the same wars when they’re run by Republicans. (See my book, Bernie and the Sandernistas.) Sanders voted three times for regime change in Iraq, while Clinton was president. He voted for Clinton’s war on Serbia, prompting staff resignations. Voted for the original AUMF (Authorization For Use of Military Force) on the war on terror and was an original Senate co-sponsor of the “no fly” resolution on Libya that led to the overthrow of the Qaddafi regime. Then there’s Sanders’ peculiar attachment to the F-35, a plane whose primary purpose is to 'deliver' nuclear strikes against Russia. Bernie has many admirable qualities, especially when contrasted to his colleagues. But he’s always been a hawk with the mindset of a Cold War liberal."

 --------- Jeffrey St. Clair


Jeffrey St. Clair, "Roaming Charges: Search, Destroy and Replace," Counterpunch, May 20, 2022

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