Friday, March 3, 2023

The Beginning of Democracy or The End of Humanity




America is no longer the most powerful nation in the world and that is great news for humanity, beginning with the American people. But on the verge of social collapse it is still the most militarily dominating nation and as such represents incredible danger to the same folks: humanity, beginning with the American people.


The Russo phobic policies which began more than 100 years ago with the Russian revolution have continued and may be more demonic than ever, even though that nation is no longer run by communists but by capitalists. It is too big and powerful to tolerate for the global bully that America has become and now combined with China, an even greater menace to the self-chosen western royals but aligned with growing numbers of nations - a majority the world over - no longer willing to scrape and bow before former colonial powers but anxious to link up in new groups that essentially say to the dominant power for most of the twentieth century: fuck off!



The military industrial complex America was warned about back in the 1950s by an outgoing republican president has become something far more menacing to humanity than president Eisenhower imagined back then, though he was certainly right to warn us about the dominance of that aspect of capitalism and what it might do to the future. Since the end of the second world war, in which Eisenhower served as a heroic figure as a general, later becoming president, America has killed more people in wars than it did in that historic bloodbath which murdered millions, mostly Europeans and Asians and most especially Russians. Our domination of the world allegedly was supposed to be making it safe for what is called democracy but has far more in common with a market force where the rich rule, as in all other aspects of reality. The numbers slaughtered in Korea, Vietnam, much of southeast Asia, south and central America and scattered spots in Europe are only subject to estimates but even those can cause shudders if considered by people, though most of us are kept preoccupied by sports, celebrities, shopping and incurring debt to know about let alone pay attention to the horrendous inhumanity that is at the root of the reasonably comfortable lives led by a servant class to wealth numbering in the profitable millions while  the losing numbers of humans are in the billions.


 That too is hopefully soon about to change but the suffering that looms before humanity and social justice prevail could kill all of us if a nuclear war results from the dying gasps of capitalism.


The present war in the Ukraine regularly charged to Russia owes its existence exclusively to America and its Nato lapdogs and their endless pursuit of the destruction of Russia. The insane policies created by homicidal degeneracy that labels murder as democracy goes on while those who pay for it are endlessly told that evil Putin is bent on taking over all of Europe and possibly parts of California and New York in his blind lust for blood and empire. This while America spends more on warfare than Russia and China combined – many many times over – and maintains hundreds of military bases in foreign countries, especially surrounding Russia and China, while endlessly screeching about the threat represented by Russia and China. Having brought the world the infinite gifts of nuclear weapons and taco pizza burgers, there seems to be a belief among the ruling servant class to capital that the USA is a gift to the planetary billions, worthy of worship as the foremost global power in charge of a constitutional or biblical “rules based order” as it’s called, which is like having a drooling mob of rapists and pimps extolling their blessed “love based order”. This alleged “rules based order” has been participating militarily in the Ukraine since 2014, financing, training and supporting a civil war that killed thousands long before most Americans had ever heard of the Ukraine or could possibly find it on a map. Pssst – it borders Russia, not Los Angeles or New York, was once a part of Russia and numbers many Russians who speak the language and believe themselves to be Russian before Ukrainian. Limited to the mental rape performed by propaganda outlets calling themselves major media, decent, otherwise thoughtful people have been led to believe all manner of incredible nonsense about the evil head of state and his menace to decent consumers of bullets, dog food, automobiles, computers, bombs and all the stuff that makes us consumers long before citizens. For an all too brief bulletin, try this:


Here is how Putin put the situation in his press conference some time before 2/24, the date Russia began its attack:

“We have made it clear that any further movement of NATO to the East is unacceptable. Is there anything unclear about this? Are we deploying missiles near the U.S. border? No, we are not. It is the United States that has come to our home with its missiles and is already standing at our doorstep. Is it going too far to demand that no strike systems be placed near our home? What is so unusual about this?”


Of course if Russia or China placed missiles and military personnel at our Canadian or Mexican borders we would bring them food and refreshments and thank them for protecting us from the evils of Canada or Mexico. That is believable to people conditioned to think that Putin and Russians are evil while our multi billionaire weapons shipment and training for Ukraine and the sacrifice of Ukrainian lives in a so far proxy war are the doings of holy people interested in the salvation of humanity even if we have to destroy it to succeed.


Of course, an overwhelming American majority has come together to borrow more than 31 trillion dollars in order to build a fantastic murder machine while millions of our people lack health care, hundreds of thousands are homeless and in current style we all share the pronoun (asshole) transcending any sexual, racial, genital or intellectual difference and acting as a unified democratic majority. In an attempted expression of material reality to counter the fanatic brain washing we incur from our stenographers for the ruling minority – the mass media and its anti-social home units – in order to try assisting in the growing effort to transform material reality before it deforms all of us, the following is advised.


The Ukraine war needs to be ended by an American public demanding it but if that is not to be the case the world, led by China and Russia in cooperation with the overwhelming majority of humanity, needs to stop the domination of the dollar and the weaponry of America by trading and arming on behalf of the majority of people on planet earth.


A peaceful solution to the present murderous idiocy would have Putin and his foreign minister, Lavin, engage in a debate with Biden and his equally failing intellectual employee Blinken, televised to the globe with questions asked by a panel of not only western toadies but an equal number who are critical and thus representative of a global majority, It would not take very long for even the Americans in the audience to figure out that the Russian duo were brilliant by comparison to the American ruling class servants and while this might not bring an immediate end to the bloody horror  it would energize an American majority to stand with the world in opposition and in demanding an end to the trillions spent on murder while the nation and the world is falling apart. The material development of minorities brought about by capitalism has been dreadfully unbalanced by the moral under development suffered by global majorities. Opportunities for real democracy, not only national but international, are finally at hand but they must be exercised before the grotesque butchery of the word and the world’s people brings us all to a dreadful end. The majority if humanity, not only the American people, need to begin acting like one before the minority brings us all to a tragic end.



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