Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Earth Shaking Bulletin!

The union of self appointed very important nations has recognized the Tea Party as the official government of the USA and has ordered the Obama regime to vacate its office immediately or face bombing and propaganda attacks until it does so.

Representatives of the Democratic party, the ACLU, NOW, the congressional Black Caucus and AIPAC have entered into private negotiations which they claim will ease hostilities between the two sides. But a spokesperson for the union says the talks are only to make clear that the self appointed very important nations will tolerate nothing less than Obama’s immediate stepping down.

“He can find sanctuary in  Kenya or Israel,” said the representative from Venezuela, as those from China, Russia, Brazil and India nodded their heads in approval.

A formidable group of opponents to the very important nations has begun to form and expressed its undying devotion to the American government, the free market and holocaust movies. These nations, so far including Palau, outer Bimbomia, inner Micronesia and middle Psychoneuralgia, have vowed to see the struggle through to a peaceful outcome or they will declare  holy war against whoever or whatever might then bail them out with financial aid after hostilities.

Stay Tuned as Legalienate correspondents, in the tradition of major media, learn more and reveal less.

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