Friday, April 25, 2014

Mind Control by Repetition: A Series

Russia is evil.

Obama was born on another planet.

400 American billionaires mean the country is a democracy.

Corporate Capital’s wholly owned Democratic party is repressive Socialism.

Corporate Capital’s wholly owned Republican party is free marketism.

Corporate Capital’s wholly owned nation of consumers is bi-partisan freedom and democracy.

Thousands of homeless humans and millions of well fed pets means we should lecture the world on how to have a great democracy.

Hundreds of foreign military bases and trillions spent on military power mean we are an exceptional nation of a master race of chosen people sent by god to kill for peace and democracy.

Venezuela’s upper middle class minority is fed up with poor and working class Venezuelans getting an even shake so we must help destroy their democratically elected government.

Like the one in the Ukraine.

And the one in Egypt.


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