Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Things That Make You say "Doh!"

NRAIPAC vows to buy more politicians, weapons and media than ever before.

Rifle group to merge with Israelis and form most powerful lobby in the history of freedom, democracy and marketing.

Dow Rises.

Hope Fades

Lance Headstrong Claims Entire Government Takes Performance Enhancement Medication

“ How do you think we have the mess we’re in? These people have all been stoned for ages now.”

Obama, McCain, Clinton, Bush, congress, bankers and others will confess on Oprah, You Tube and new app which frees fingers for nose picking while ordering pizza, watching its delivery and learning about democracy by watching Oprah and YouTube.

Audience expected to be in tens of millions.

Highest in history.

Group supporting gun marriage calls liberals “Anti-Love Hate Criminals”

They vow to take their case to the Supreme Court if needed.

“We love our guns, personally, morally, and yes, sexually, and we demand the rights all other married people have” said gun advocate Mike “macho” Swishman, chair of LAGBLAB, the “Lick a Gun Barrel, Love a Bullet” weapon marriage support group.

LGBSTV group considers lawsuit over similarity of acronyms.

Legal business considers profit windfall from all the lawsuits.

Dow Rises More.

Hope Fades Even More.

Nation cries “Doh!”

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