Saturday, October 10, 2020

Democrats Send Good Wishes To Fascist Dictator

"It's now commonplace in Democratic discourse to explicitly say that Trump is a fascist dictator, and even to invoke Hitler and Nazism to suggest that that's the proper prism through which we ought to understand the Trump presidency. And if that's the case, if Trump is some kind of a fascist dictator who is posing to end American democracy and freedoms or has already done so, [someone] who puts dissidents in danger - then you would expect the reaction to news that he has a fatal disease and might die - not to be one of sorrow and lament but one of joy and celebration. That's typically how people react when dictators are ill or when they're in danger or when they die. And so there's this obvious tension, this conflict between on the one hand claiming Trump is like Hitler, or is imposing fascist white supremacy tyranny on the United States, and on the other hand saying: 'We wish you a speedy recovery Mr. President. We hope that you get back really soon to the fascist tyranny and genocide that you're imposing on the United States.'"

-------- Glenn Greenwald on Democratic leaders Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, HRC, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders wishing Trump well, "Rising," October 10, 2020

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