Friday, October 23, 2020

SHHHH! Even Bigger Buletins Than This!!!



Russia hacked into U.S. computer networks in recent days, and many intelligence officials say it shows Moscow is a bigger election threat than Iran.

Thursday, October 22, 2020 3:48 PM EST

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Missing the biggest threat of all to our cherished democracy ! Even bigger than the threat of Israel owning/renting/leasing the White House and Congress!!

Tens of thousands of illegal aliens from Mexico, El Salvador, Yemen, Libya, Belarus, New York and California have already voted in special election deposit boxes set up in downtown areas of Cleveland, Springfield, Dayton, Omaha and Teaneck! Who is behind this nefarious attempt to crush the world's greatest democracy with the world's lowest turnout and the world's highest payroll of professional political hustlers working for our richest and therefore obviously superior minority of more diverse than ever upper privileged classes?

You'll never guess! The folks who invented the corona virus, racism, poverty, war, famine, gastric acidity, ingrown toenails, cancer , Donald Trump, and more, are behind this dreadful plot! And they can be found in and at the White House, Congress, Wall Street, the Pentagon,the Mall,the Israeli lobby, the Mall,the  banks,the NYTimes,the Mall,Facebook, Google,the Six O'clock News, the Ten O'clock News, the Mall,Twitter Tweets,the  YouTube Conspiracy To Take Your Mind Off Reality Ltd. and other places where misguided citizens congregate to consume mostly  useless and needless commodities to sink into unpayable debt.




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