Friday, August 27, 2021

As A Last Resort U.S. Finally Does the Right Thing: Turns Tail and Runs From Afghanistan

"One of the reasons Biden is having such a hard time making the case for the U.S.'s exit from Afghanistan is that he is congenitally inarticulate and he has no one around him who can make the case for him. Nearly everyone in both parties has been corrupted by this war: voted for it, funded it, planned it, rationalized it, stood silent as it started, very early on, to go bad, closed their eyes to drone killings, torture, and an occupation with no end. Even Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul. They own this war and the war ended up owning them. Aside from Barbara Lee, there aren't any heroes in this 40-year-long fiasco. But if Biden can stand firm as he's ambushed from all sides, not retreat from his retreat, and finally bring the occupation to an end, he'll go down in the history books a lot more credibly than the jackals who are assailing him."

----Jeffrey St. Clair, "Hour of the Goat," Counterpunch, 8/27/21 

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