Friday, August 10, 2012


Democrats Charge Romney With Being A Capitalist!

“We knew it all along…he’s been trying to cover it up but the man has been seeking profits and riches all his life” said an anonymous spokesperson with a bag over its/his/her head.

Democrats Charge Romney With Being a Child Molester!!

“We knew it all along…he’s been trying to cover up his desires for sex with  innocent 17 year old girls, but we have his facebook, twitter and twatter accounts to prove he’s a menace to our daughters, sisters or girlfriends” said another anonymous spokesperson with a pair of panties over its/his/her head.

Republicans Accuse Obama of Cannibalism!!!

“Our guy may seek profits but their guy seeks human flesh” said an anonymous spokesperson wearing a long black unisex robe. “We have photos of him scarfing down the leg of his mother-in-law. We got them from the source that revealed his birthplace as planet Jupiter.  It’s shameful. Would you trust him around your parents? Near lunch or dinner time?”

Republicans Initiate Law Suit Claiming Democrats Are Not Citizens Of The USA

“We have evidence that they all secretly speak Spanish, Yiddish or Ebonics when they are at home with their multi-ethnic  families and extended families of perverts, degenerates and seat sniffers” said an unidentified spokesperson wearing a black latex mask and leather pants with openings at the crotch revealing a bible.

Democrats Initiate Counter Suit Charging Republicans With Bullying and Other Hate Crimes

No spokesperson was willing to comment…

Stay tuned…things will get much worse


Anonymous said...

worse than what? would you rather live in russia? or iran?

Unknown said...

Yes! Russia or Iran would be far preferable to the insane US. I am from the US and I now live in China, which is safe, peaceful, and threatens no one. The same is true for Russia and Iran. The US is the most aggressive and dangerous country in the world! Get out if you can. Now!

Michael Smith said...

Where one would rather live is a personal issue, not a political solution to anything. The point is not to flee, but to assume responsibility for changing the intolerable, no matter how impossible it looks.