Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The political and economic crises grow  but you wouldn’t know that to listen to the alleged representatives of the people. Especially the two major party candidates for CEO of a bankrupt corporation which is being bailed out every day by a public that needs to lose its collective patience and not ask for but demand control of its political and economic process.

 It should not seem so difficult a task if we simply consider what a total mess alleged experts have achieved. Our grandmothers could run this economy with more brains, humanity and capability than these stupendous failures and when they ran into a problem  beyond their personal experience they’d simply hire a professional to take care of it. That’s what the mafia does and what our rulers do, but the difference would be if people like our grandmothers ran things on behalf of all of us, the professionals they hired would work for all of us, not simply the 1%. 

If you vote, write in your grandma's name. At least you'll be choosing someone who loved you and at the very least respected most other people. And even if she's long dead, she'd still be a better symbolic leader than the dreadful corporate turkeys you're being asked to support.

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Nana Baakan Agyiriwah said...

LOL, Frank, this a good one. Especially the part about the dead grandmother. Classic!!!