Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Headlines : Developing Stories

Drone Re-Directed By Hacker Hits Congress

Music Business Revived By New Satanic Family Junk Rock Market

Minister Charged With Having Sex With Daughter
Pleads “It’s In The Bible”

Unable to Purchase Food After Losing Job, Man Eats Family

Unable to Digest Meal After Eating Family, Man Eats Big Pharma

New Harry Potter Vampire Bromance Disaster Cartoon Epic Grosses Forty Billion Opening Day

Pet Food Sales Skyrocket, Food Stamps Cut, Dogs and Cats Attack Owner-Master-Companion-Lovers in Outbreak of Mental Rabies

Secretary of State Has Stomach Ripped Open by Alien While Addressing United Nations

Serial Killer Family Reality Show Has Highest Ratings Since Child Molesting Reality Family Show Of Last Season: Producers say “It’s in The Bible”

U.S. Mass Murder Team Takes Olympic Gold: Again…Still…Yet

New Democratic Party Group, The Obamalets, Make Kosher Egg Dishes To Raise Funds

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