Wednesday, August 22, 2012


More bloodshed is guaranteed in Syria as the USA and its minions arm the rebels, refuse to negotiate, cause the retirement of a faithful western UN servant, and have their affirmative action hires at the state dept. shriek about humanity and democracy while defecating on the moral codes of every belief system known to humanity.

And this from an administration which passes for the lesser evil to an opposing group that makes them seem tolerable in the way that polio might seem tolerable to cancer. Thus, we approach what is being called the most important presidential election in history. Every election is given that title by professional hysterics and this one will be the usual profaning of democracy, but there is one title we can justifiably give this November farce:

It will be the most expensive in history, with billions spent on bending, twisting and distorting reality to make two leisure class tools of minority capital seem as though they represent the overwhelming majority who work for a living.

This while burying the nation in a tsunami of advertising slime that may bring an even lower turnout than usual as disgusted voters stay away from the polling places to avoid further contamination. Meanwhile, the campaign avoids anything approaching real problems and continues to hype scandals, gossip, mudslinging and character assassination. At this rate justice and democracy would triumph if only the candidates immediate families and highest paid hustlers showed up to vote for them.

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